World Environment Day 2021: Educating for the Climate in the Caribbean

World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day was proclaimed by the United Nations in 1974 to draw attention to the critical situation of the current state of planet Earth. Since then, every year on June 5, UNESCO together with the UN system raises special awareness and promotes action for the protection and health of the environment. A healhy environment affects not only the ecological ecosystem, but also the well-being of people and economic development around the world.


2021 Theme: Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.

This day serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues, inform and educate about actions that need to be taken to mitigate the effects of climate change and take necessary steps to protect plant, animal and human life. Let's remember that we have only one planet. 


Sandwatch is an educational process through which school students, teachers and local communities work together in the field to snot only understand their environment, but also develop critical thinking skills and apply them to conflict resolution, thus instilling a sense of caring for their beaches and coastal areas – their environment. Learn more about UNESCO's Sandwatch programme here:

Learn more about what UNESCO is doing on World Environment Day here. 



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