The world in 2030: UNESCO survey

How do you see the world in 2030? What are your main concerns for the future and what are the solutions that would make it possible to face them? Take part in the global survey to better understand the challenges and solutions!

In a context of profound upheaval linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need to rethink many plans of our societies, UNESCO is launching an unprecedented global public inquiry entitled "The world in 2030". This survey will enable UNESCO to gain a better understanding of the public's opinion on the major global challenges for the years to come and the solutions necessary to face them. The results of the survey will help UNESCO define the global agenda on these issues and thus arrive peacefully in 2030.

Launched as part of UNESCO's Strategic Transformation, the survey is open to everyone and aims to obtain the largest possible number of responses worldwide, especially from young people.

The results of this survey will help UNESCO define global responses to these challenges in the next 10 years knowing what is important to you. Let us know what challenges you are most concerned about and what solutions you particularly want to see adopted, then answer a short series of general questions that will help us get to know you better.

The survey is available in all official United Nations languages ​​and in at least 10 other languages. Help us set the course by answering this unprecedented global survey of the challenges we face and the solutions necessary for the world to offer us in 2030 a living environment that meets our wishes.

The world in 2030: UNESCO survey

The next decade will be crucial for restoring confidence in international cooperation and putting in place the necessary mechanisms to respond effectively to the major challenges of the contemporary world. Make your voice heard ! CLICK HERE:

Estimated response time: 6 minutes

This survey is anonymous. All data collected will be stored under conditions of security and anonymity in accordance with UNESCO’s online privacy policy.