UNESCO’s Report on Sudan’s Water Sector Training Needs


On 22 November 2017, the UNESCO Khartoum Office released a report on Sudan’s Water Sector Training Needs Assessment with Reference to Attaining SDG6 and UNESCO-IHP VIII. This report was prepared by the UNESCO Khartoum Office in collaboration of the Water Research Center at the University of Khartoum in June – November 2017, through (i) review of literature and previous reports, (ii) data acquisition from key stakeholders via interviews with high-level water professionals, and distribution of questionnaire among different relevant institutions, and (iii) discussions during a specially organized workshop.


The report concluded to focus on 12 priority areas of training:

  1. Planning, designing, operating and maintaining water supply systems (including identification of sources, treatment, distribution and quality assessment)

  2. Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)

  3. Design and management of Irrigation Systems

  4. Irrigation water use: efficiency and productivity

  5. Surface water resources: assessment and management

  6. Design, management and operational principles of water harvesting structures

  7. Groundwater resources: assessment and management

  8. Groundwater modelling: design, and operation

  9. Public awareness and community participation for sustainable watershed management

  10. Climate change impact: adaptation and resilience

  11. Water diplomacy and transboundary cooperation

  12. Hydro‐informatics and data management, and data measurements and monitoring networks.


Summarizing results of the mentioned survey, the key water stakeholders stressed on lacks in:

  • human resources capacities

  • adequate information systems

  • efficiency of involved institutions – in particular, their unclear and overlapping responsibilities

  • comprehensive water resources management strategy

  • funding / financing

  • decentralization in decision making and consistency in normative frameworks


Key water institutions recalled UNESCO and other development partners to help them in implementation of training priorities identified by the study.    

©UNESCO: Consultancy Project Assessing Sudan’s Water Sector Training Needs with Reference to Attaining SDG6 and UNESCO-IHP VIII. Discussion about findings of survey and literature review. 01/10/2017