UNESCO supports conference to discuss media self-regulation in Turkey

On 5 December 2018, UNESCO supported a conference to discuss the current state of play of media self-regulation in Turkey. The event took place in Istanbul and was organized by P24 a partner of the project « Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey ».

The project aims at restoring trust in media in South East Europe and Turkey by supporting among others the strengthening of media ethics and media self-regulation mechanisms in the region. Thanks to this initiative, most press and media councils in the region have increased their visibility and functioning.

In Turkey, apart from analyzing the current situation of media self-regulation, the project also seeks to develop a roadmap for future efforts to improve media ethics and accountability in the country. More than 25 participants gathered in Istanbul to discuss strengths and challenges for existing mechanisms.

Participants have developed a number of recommendations aimed to strengthen media ethics and self-regulation. In particular, they underlined importance of raising awareness among the public regarding the role of media self-regulation for journalists and citizens and development of new platforms of debates aimed to unifying the journalists’ ethical and professional guidelines in the country. Importance of introduction of new ethical guidelines to address new ethical challenges of the digital age and improvement of already existing self-regulation mechanisms of the country were also highlighted in a number of interventions of participants.