UNESCO Maputo Family get-together: from celebrating birthdays to bidding farewell to some staff

In the context of the office’s internal activities, especially in regard to the staff welfare, the UNESCO Maputo family took a brief break to supply and recharge their energies in a different way through a “mix and mingle” event.
This event was also a special moment to commemorate and celebrate the birthdays of staff members, as well as bid farewell to two members who have been working with UNESCO Maputo, and will embrace new and different challenges. Mr. Gaye Yatera, our interim administrator, who has been working with us for approximately 5 months, returning to France, Paris, and Aoife Kenna, a junior professional officer, who moved to the office of the UN Resident Coordinator.
The event took place on July 17, 2020. Due to the State of Emergency and preventive measures in place in all the country, a limited number of staff was authorized to be in the event, which was chaired by the UNESCO Maputo Staff Welfare Committee.