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UNESCO launches a series of trainings on craftsmanship, design and entrepreneurship in Margilan

Uzbekistan is a country possessing rich intangible cultural heritage, including traditional craftsmanship. Due to globalization processes many of these traditions are in need of safeguarding measures, including those aimed at transmission of these heritage to the next generations.

In this regard, from 12 to 22 October 2021 UNESCO Tashkent Office is initiating a series of theoretical and practical trainings on traditional craftsmanship, design and entrepreneurship in Margilan, Fergana valley, for more than 60 participants from all principal regions of Uzbekistan.

The capacity-building activity is aimed at safeguarding, developing and promoting the intangible cultural heritage of Uzbekistan and, in particular, traditional craftsmanship. Moreover, the main goal of the trainings is to improve the economic and social well-being of local communities, including women and youth, by creating sustainable income-generating opportunities for them.

The trainings will be conducted by national well-known experts and masters in traditional craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, such as Mr. Akbar Khakimov, Mr Rasul Mirzaahmedov, Ms. Binafsha Nodir, Ms. Markhamatkhon Umarova, MS MAdina Kasimbaeva, Mr. Sardor Gaziev, Mr. Husniddin Ato and Ilkhom Davletov specialized in traditional embroidery, carpet-weaving, traditional dyeing, ethno-design, block-printing and craft entrepreneurship.

The trainings are organized by the UNESCO Tashkent Office in close cooperation with the the Hunarmand Association of Craftspeople and Folk Artists of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Margilan Crafts Development Centre within the framework of the UNESCO and European Union partnership project “Silk Roads Heritage Corridors in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Iran – International Dimension of the European Year of Cultural Heritage”. The goal of the project is to strengthen capacities for safeguarding tangible and intangible cultural heritage, raise awareness and promote the common cultural heritage on the Silk Roads, and use the heritage as a foundation for sustainable development, including through the development of sustainable heritage-based tourism.

Contact persons:

Ms Muhayyo Makhmudova, Culture Programme Specialist, UNESCO Tashkent Office;
Tel: (+99878) 1207116, 1207154, 1207155; e-mail:

Ms. Tatyana Abbasova, Consultant of  Cultural Unit, UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan;
Tel: (+99878) 1207116, 1207154, 1207155, email: