UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova on importance of new Sustainable Development Goals

On May 19, Irina Bokova spoke at an international conference on the Sustainable Development Goals, organized in Sofia by the President of PanEuropa - Bulgaria, Gergana Passy, the Director of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for Bulgaria, Regine Schubert, and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy - Berlin.

Addressing an audience of diplomats, parliamentarians, public figures and representatives of the civil society, Irina Bokova described 2030 Agenda as a global, comprehensive and transformative vision to advance human rights and dignity and to empower societies everywhere with specific tools for their own development. 

"The successful implementation of the Agenda means standing together to protect the planet and our societies through sustainable actions – prosperous societies where every individual matters" she said. 

Irina Bokova highlighted here the importance of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, saying that climate action is a major opportunity to leverage desirable social transformations that will favour social inclusion and justice and also safeguard the ecological systems. 

"I am convinced more than ever that the world, and the United Nations at its service, need a new humanist approach to tackle a horizon of pressing challenges and threats in close cooperation with governments, civil society, the private sector and academia", Irina Bokova concluded.