Press release

UNESCO and The University of Mosul present the results of a public survey on the reconstruction of the Al-Nouri Prayer Hall and Al-Hadba Minaret

8 February 2021 – UNESCO and the Statistics Consultancy Bureau (SCB) of the University of Mosul conducted an analytical survey of the people of Mosul on the reconstruction of the Al Hadba Minaret and the Al Nouri Prayer Hall, destroyed during conflict in 2017.  This activity was implemented under a Project funded by the Government of the United Arab Emirates and is part of the UNESCO initiative to "Revive the Spirit of Mosul".

The survey, conducted during the months of November and December 2020, targeted more than 700 individuals from Mosul of all ages, backgrounds and gender. The Statistics Consultancy Bureau (SCB)'s team, composed of 22 young enumerators and 3 university professors, under the supervision of Dr. Bashar Abdul Aziz al-Talib (head of the SCB), visited families residing in both East and West Mosul as well as displaced Moslawis. 

Survey respondents were asked about how would they like to see their beloved Al-Hadba Minaret and Al-Nouri Prayer Hall rebuilt. The results showed that 94% of the surveyees would like to see the Minaret with the same decorations and position that it had before its destruction in 2017. In addition, 70% of the people of Mosul expressed their preference to see the Al Nouri Prayer Hall rebuilt as it was in 2017, before its destruction but with some improvements, provided that the essence and main volumes are preserved.  By contrast, 28% stated that they would rather see the Prayer Hall rebuilt exactly as it was in 2017. The survey also included an open question where surveyees were encouraged to provide further feedback, clarifications or opinions.

This survey has helped UNESCO, the University of Mosul and the United Arab Emirates to understand better the opinions of the people of Mosul regarding the reconstruction of the Al Nouri Complex. UNESCO is committed to involving Moslawis in the reconstruction of their City.

This survey was conducted as part of the UAE funded project "Reviving the Spirit of Mosul by rebuilding its historic landmarks namely the Al-Nouri Mosque and its Al-Hadba Minaret, as well as the Al-Tahera Church and Al-Saa’a Church."