UNESCO and the government of Sweden and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) renew long-term partnership

In June 2022, UNESCO and Sida renewed their long-term partnership through the signature of two new Programme Cooperation Agreements in the fields of Education, Culture and Communication and Information for a cumulative amount of 484 million Swedish Kronor (equivalent to 47.6 million USD) as well as a new Framework Agreement updating the conditions under which funds are managed.

In the field of education, Sida renewed its landmark commitment to provide flexible funding through unearmarked funding of a total volume of 360 million Swedish Kronor (equivalent to 35.4 million USD) for further 4 years (2022-2025). Firmly anchored in a shared commitment to promote human rights, the Programme Cooperation Agreement in the fields of Culture and Communication and information provides for 124 million Swedish Kronor (equivalent to 12.2 million USD) throughout the next 4 years (2022-2025). It will support UNESCO’s work on to promote freedom of expression and safety of journalists; communication development; the reshaping cultural policies and the development indicators for Culture in line with Agenda 2030.

The multi-year engagement of Sida, aligned with UNESCO’s four-year Programme and Budget (41 C/5; 2022-2025), allows UNESCO to implement its work with predictability and sustainability. 

Sweden has constantly been a top donor to UNESCO over the past four years. The engagement of Sida with UNESCO, mainly through flexible funding is also grounded in predictability and deepened by a constant dialogue and shared values that has allowed UNESCO to respond swiftly to global challenges.