Press release

UNESCO and the Government of Norway officially handed-over the Gender Policy Institute (GPI) to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA)

Ramallah, 14 October 2019 – UNESCO Officer-in-Charge, Head of Office, Mr. Junaid Sorosh Wali, and the Norwegian Ambassader Ms. Hilde Haraldstad officially handed-over the Gender Policy Institute (GPI) to Her Excellency the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Dr. Amal Hamad. The ceremony was attended by the members of GPI’s Advisory board.

UNESCO lead the establishment of this first Gender Policy Institute (GPI) in Palestine and the region, which takes forward and builds on the Palestinian Women’s Research and Documentation Center (PWRDC), which was a UNESCO programme, funded by the Government of Norway. The GPI has been developed  into a gender-related policy think tank after a  broad consultation among key stakeholders and relevant academic, governmental and non-governmental institutions working in the field of gender equality. UNESCO in close colaboration with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) has worked towards the establishment of the legal status of GPI to become an autonomous national Palestinian Institute.

In June 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers granted GPI with the necessary legal status to become the first Gender Policy focused Institute established through a government decree in Palestine and in the whole Arab region. Subsequently, UNESCO, in cooperation with MoWA, is currently taking the lead towards the transition of GPI into a non-partisan autonomous entity that conducts quantitative and qualitative analysis of public policies from a gendered perspective.

Her Excellency the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Dr. Amal Hamad thanked UNESCO for the support and confirmed that the Ministry will build on what has been accomplished over the last decade. H.E. also thanked the Government of Norway represented by the Norwegian Ambassador and head of Cooperation for their generous financial contribution to GPI and all its previous phases.
Mr. Junaid Sorosh Wali, UNESCO’s Officer-in-Charge, Head of office, affirmed UNESCO’s commitment to support GPI until it becomes a well-established Gender Policy focused Institute. Mr. Sorosh further expressed his gratitude to H.E. Dr. Hamad and to the government of Palestine for approving the legal identity of GPI.

Ms. Hilde Haraldstad expressed Norway’s pride to be part of the establishment of GPI despite the challenges faced and confirmed Norway’s commitment to continue supporting the future phase of GPI.

The GPI will research, analyze and share evidence-based policy products with target audiences, and help shape the policy debate by engaging and collaborating with policy makers, practitioners and academics. The focus will be on building accountability for gender equality through effective policymaking and its implementation in partnership with the Palestinian Authority’s institutions and in particular MoWA. The GPI would propose in partnership with PA ministries, analyze and share policy ideas with target audiences as well as help shape the policy debate by connecting CSOs, academic and governing authorities in a cohesive and collaborative manner.

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