UNESCO Almaty Contributed to the Media Legislation Debate

The media legislation round table aimed to improve media legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan based on International standards on freedom of expression and cyberspace transformations; Adil soz proposes concept of the draft laws 1) On Warranties on the Freedom of Speech and 2) On Mass Media in the Republic of Kazakhstan. UNESCO Almaty contributes with international standards and practices, as reply to question from the Ministry of Information and Public Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Media legislation workshop organized by Adil soz Public Foundation on Protection the Freedom of Speech and supported by Article19, British Embassy Nur-Sultan and OSCE Programme Office in Nur-Sultan.
ARTICLE19 presentation on ways to improve media and information legislation
© UNESCO presentation on media in the digital age
Participants: Sergei Vlassenko, National association of TV and Radio broadcasters (NAT); Michail Dorofeev, Inform Bureau; Bekzad Rakhimov, Director of the State Policy Department on Access to Information, Ministry of Information and Social Development
Tamara Simakhina, Layer Adil soz; Tamara Kaleeva, President Adil soz; Sergey Karpov, Communication and Information, UNESCO Almaty.