Twenty mayors of towns located in Biosphere Reserves gather in Honduras

Twenty mayors, as well as indigenous territorial councils and national indigenous organizations, central government institutions and strategic partners from Honduras' four biosphere reserves took part in the First Meeting of Mayors of Biosphere Reserves, held in Tela on February 28 2020 under the motto "Biosphere Reserves as Territorial Platforms to Promote Governance and Sustainable Development". The dialogue will enable local authorities to coordinate actions in order to implement effective models of sustainable development.
This initiative was promoted by the Management Committee of the Cacique Lempira Señor de las Montañas Biosphere Reserve in coordination with the National Man and Biosphere Committee (MaB), the National Institute of Forest Conservation and Development, Protected Areas and Wildlife (ICF), the Secretariat of Natural Resources and Environment (MI AMBIENTE+) and the Association of Municipalities of Honduras (AMHON), with the technical and financial support of the PROCAMBIO/GIZ Project and IUCN.
At the end of the meeting, the authorities launched a Declaration committing to various actions (available in Spanish).