Translate a Story: Online Launch Event in Bangladesh

The online launch event of the Translate a Story Initiative in Bangladesh is coming soon.
In the initiative, more than 300 books e-books and other early age reading materials - which have been translated into the Bangla language by volunteers with the support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), UNHCR, the Global Book Alliance, UNESCO and other partners – will be launched in the Global Digital Library (link: ) from where they can be accessed free of charge, thus supporting home-based learning and reading for children in a language they speak at home.
The COVID-19 pandemic, during which most children are confined at home and therefore often struggle to access reading materials available in local languages, has reinforced the need for openly available early grade reading resources in languages children speak at home. In response to this need, the Translate a Story Initiative mobilizes and engages volunteers in the high-quality peer-reviewed translation of publicly available early grade reading books into different languages.
In Bangladesh, as part of the Translate a Story Initiative, the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with UNESCO and Norad, mobilized volunteers for the translation and translation peer review of more than 300 children books into Bangla. Placed in the Global Digital Library, the books are openly available to use by schools and families in Bangladesh and other countries free of charge.