Training of Trainers Workshop on Human Rights Reporting

In celebration of the International Day for Human Rights, UNESCO Jakarta collaborated with the Aliansi Jurnalis Independen Indonesia, AJI (Indonesian Independent Journalists Association) for a “training-of-trainer” workshop from 10-12 December 2018 in city of Bogor, Indonesia.

The idea for the workshop was first brought up because there is a lack of qualified local trainers in Indonesia who are capable of training other journalists in reporting on human rights. Mr. Abdul Manan, the President of AJI who opened the workshop encouraged the participants to think of themselves as valuable resources in the future.

The three-day workshop covered a wide range of issues and angle on human rights that future trainers would need to know. The participants discussed practical elements for trainers such as how to get participants more engaged on the topic, role-playing, how to plan the agenda of a workshop. Throughout the workshop, Ms. Hesthi Murthi, acting Executive Director of AJI shared with the future trainers various tips and techniques to better engage with participants.

At the same time, the workshop also included substantive discussion on international instruments on human rights, specific human rights laws and policy in Indonesia. Specific session on rights of immigrants and refugees in Indonesia were also included in the workshop. Participants also discussed extensively the newsroom policy that affect the news on human rights.

Ten journalists from print, radio, and television took part in this training. They also benefited from the expertise from Mr. Usman Hamid, the Indonesian Director of Amnesty International, Mr. Dandhy Dwi Laksono, a trainer from AJI, and Ms. Dina Puspita Hapsari, Assistant Protection Officer of UNHCR Indonesia. One of the main output of the workshop is a training module applicable for Indonesia that will be further developed and tested in 2019.