Stakeholders meet to validate Situation Analysis Report on Persons with Disabilities in Zimbabwe

Disability stakeholders will virtually meet on 11 August 2021 to discuss and validate the findings of the Comprehensive Analysis on the Situation of Person with Disabilities in Zimbabwe.  

The United Nations Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) Zimbabwe project team, in partnership with the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office and the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare / Department of Disability Affairs, commissioned Primson Management Consultancy Firm to undertake a Comprehensive Situation Analysis on Persons with Disabilities from December 2020-June 2021. The overall objective of this Situation Analysis was to provide up-to-date and broad perspective information on the situation of persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe.  The Firm produced a report with findings and recommendations that stakeholders will discuss and ‘validate’.

About 70 stakeholders are expected to participate and these include   the UNPRPD Project Team and Advisory Group, UN Agencies, Government, Organizations of Persons with Disabilities, Academia, Human Rights Commissions as well as key informants in the Situation Analysis. Primson Consultancy Firm, led by Professor Lincoln Hlatshwayo will present the report for discussion and validation. 

Guided by the UNPRPD Secretariat’s global Analysis Framework, the Zimbabwe situation analysis seeks to provide information on a broader perspective on the situation of persons with disabilities in Zimbabwe. It also aims to support a high-level analysis of the legislative and policy context regarding disability, budget allocation, and use of data and mainstreaming of disability across critical sectoral areas, assess inequality between persons with and without disabilities across a range of areas. Furthermore, it seeks to provide an advocacy and accountability purposes tool for use by OPDs and other civil society partners, (national and international) in order to strengthen disability-inclusion in Zimbabwe.  

Findings from the report will inform inform the UN and National Stakeholders’ programming on strengthening disability-inclusion through identifying the most urgent needs and priorities to accelerate implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. They will also inform and support COVID-19 post recovery planning efforts at country level.