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Ministers of Tourism of the Turkic Council agreed during a meeting on June 24 to launch the “Turkic World Tourism Capital” project in order to promote tourism in the region, with the city of Kokand, Uzbekistan, being designated for the first year. Ministers also agreed to work on the details of the “TabarrukZiyorat” or Pilgrimage Tours project and expressed their readiness to involve the holy places of their respective countries to the project. Parties further agreed to prepare the “Tourism Map of the Turkic World” to list the main historical, cultural and touristic destinations in the Turkic World, which will be the reference project in determining the main touristic destinations in the Member States.
At the annual Committee for Culture and Information Conference of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), members agreed several new cultural projects, including an ASEAN Arts Festival project at EXPO 2020 Dubai which will take place in 2021. The Conference, held on September 8 under the chairmanship of Thailand, focused on the theme of "Diversity and Innovation: Towards a Sustainable Future for ASEAN". Participants discussed progress towards the implement The Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity to 2025 on pillars including culture and information sectors.

Members of the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth launched on 30 August the publication entitled "Understanding How Young People See ASEAN: Awareness, Values, and Identity", in which culture emerged as a theme. Empowering youth is a regional priority is its aspirations to strengthen cooperation, particularly supported by the Declaration on Culture of Prevention (CoP) for a Peaceful, Inclusive, Resilient, Healthy, and Harmonious Society, which was adopted at the 31st ASEAN Summit in 2017.