Project experts visited Gijduvan Agrotechnology College in Bukhara region.

On October 5, 2021, experts of EU funded "Skills Development for Employability in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan" project visited Gijduvan Agrotechnology College. Project experts met with Director of Gijduvan Agrotechnology College – Mr. Askar Ochilov, Deputy Director Ms. Dilorom Kamilova, Deputy Director for Vocational Education - Muhiddin Mukhtorov, and Deputy Director for Financial Affairs - Hamdam Nosirov.

During the interview, the admission plan for the new academic year 2021/2022 (by specialties), applicants, the contingent of students recommended for study on a grant and contract, information on full-time, part-time and dual education were discussed. Participants exchanged ideas on current requirements for agricultural and irrigation specialties in the Bukhara region. Survey was conducted among teachers on the basis of a specially prepared questionnaire. Interviews and surveys were also conducted among students of the Second course of the technical school.

Taking into account the fact that Gijduvan district specializes in viticulture, the Director commented on the expediency of organizing 3, 6-month retraining courses for mid-level specialists in horticulture and viticulture, irrigation (drip irrigation), agronomy, greenhouse farming. It was also noted that the issue of professional development of teachers, the involvement of local teachers in coaching is also important.


On October 6 project experts studied the status of the existing literature fund with the staff of the Information Resource Center at the technical school. Also the contingent of students, curricula, and programs in the subjects taught, textbooks, manuals, literature were analyzed.