Photographic collections in Latin America and the Caribbean

Visual testimonies of the changes that occurred during the 2nd half of the 19th century in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Guipuzcoana's House, Vargas Department, Mascuto, around 1899.

The huge number of photographic collections scattered around the world led the promoters of this project to limit its scope, in a first stage, to Latin America and the Caribbean and to public collections of the XIXth century held in national archives andlibraries. 
Through the prints stored in the stocks, often in inadequate preservation conditions, it is the whole life of the nations which resurges with its important moments and the portraits of those who have influenced the course of history. 

A CD-ROM containing more than 3.000 prints illustrating the main stages of the history of some ten countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and a presentation on the Web of a representative sample of images (video quality) with comments in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, will enhance the value of this fragile heritage, in danger of disappearing. It is hoped that this will then help libraries and archives to ensure that preservation of their photographic collections is a priority.