National EE/ESD Strategy & Action Plan 2- Day Stakeholder Consultative Workshop

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT) and the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) believe that Environmental Education (EE)/Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) issues must be entrenched in the sectoral and sub-sectoral strategies of all stakeholders and institutional levels. Moreover, a strong culture of networking is recommended in the implementation of EE/ESD Policy as it will promote participation, information sharing, exchange of views and ideas, and developing the necessary skills among all sectors.
The main expected results of this consultative workshop are to assist in the “reorientation, upscaling and integrating EE/ESD in environmental awareness, education and training systems, research and innovation systems, policies, programmes and action for sustainable development”.
While the overall objective of the task force is to foster the implementation of the EE/ESD policy, assist in mobilising financial resources and develop strategic partnerships with leading environmental and sustainable development organisations.
The consultative workshop further aims:
To gather broad stakeholder input
To take stock of past, existing and planned activities/programmes across all relevant sectors
To outline the Strategy and Action Plan for the National EE/ESD Policy for 2022-2026 (5 years)
     iv. To make recommendations for Namibia’s National Contribution to the UNESCO Decade: #ESD for 2030 based on the workshop outcome
The two-day  consultative workshop will take place on 19 – 20 October 2021 in Windhoek.