Manu Dibango dies of Covid-19

The Arican Saxophon legend died of Covid-19. The UNESCO Director General honors the memory of legendary Cameroonian Jazz musician Manu Dibango, UNESCO Artist for Peace since 2004. Audrey Azoulay paid tribute to this immense artist and humanist who shared the Organization's values and ideals in all aspects. 
Manu Dibango

Multitalented saxophonist, he was also a pianist, singer, composer, arranger and conductor. A tireless researcher, he was a pioneer in masterfully combining African music with jazz.

In his work Balade en saxo dans les coulisses de ma vie (Saxophone Ride Behind the Scenes of my Life), Manu Dibango recalled his musical career and his commitments, which led him to promote the culture of music in Africa and in the world, but also to be the messenger of a culture of peace.

Throughout his journey with UNESCO, Manu Dibango mobilized on many occasions to put culture at the heart of peace and development. In January 2010, together with many other musicians and singers, he took part in the solidarity concert "For Haiti" in Paris. He also took part in the celebrations during the first International Jazz Day, held at the Organization's Headquarters in 2012. Two years later, Manu Dibango raised the flag of the French language by celebrating the International Day of La Francophonie – for support of the French language was a cause he cherished.  

At the same time, guided by a constant spirit of justice, he never ceased to encourage creativity and defend the copyright of creators, thus placing himself at the heart of the missions of our Organization. 

With Manu Dibango passes away a humanist whose enlightened struggle for culture and fulfillment for all, remains a reference for us and generations to come. He died the 24 March 2020 at the age of 86.

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