The MAB Programme regrets the passing of Mr. Albino J. Nhusse, Director of the Quirimbas Biosphere Reserve in Mozambique

Mr. Albino J. Nhusse, Director of Quirimbas UNESCO Biosphere Reserve; Mozambique and Administrator of the Quirimbas National Park, passed away on Friday, 30th October, in Maputo, Mozambique.

Mr. Nhusse played a determinant role in the process leading to the creation of the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Mozambique as well as Director of this Biosphere reserve. We remember his active participation to the 30th Session of the MAB International Council in Palembang when Quirimbas has been designated as a Biosphere Reserve. Mr. Nhusse was also an well-regarded member of AfriMAB meetings and was involved in many cooperation projects with other UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, in particular with other Portuguese-speaking BRs.

Mr. Nhusse was born in Mueda, in Cabo Delgado Province, on the 7th November 1965, and obtained academic degrees in history and geography. He had a diverse professional career as teacher as well as in other administrative functions, including the administration of the biggest National Park in Mozambique. Recently, he was involved in the process of creation of a Portuguese-speaking Network of Biosphere Reserves and the twinning of Quirimbas BR with Principe Island BR in São Tomé e Príncipe.

His passing is a great loss for the MAB Programme and the AfriMAB Network. We pay tribute to the invaluable contribution of Mr. Nhusse to the implementation of the MAB Programme in Mozambique and we extend the deepest sympathy to his family and friends. May his soul rest in Peace.