Local CSOs to advocate for sustainable community media policy in Myanmar

Over 40 NGOs and CSOs gathered in Yangon to participate in UNESCO’s first workshop to assist Myanmar authorities in the development of independent, community owned and run media.

In collaboration with the Capacity Building Initiative (CBI), a national development project, the event helped to equip nationals with the necessary capacities to build a favourable legislative environment for the development of community radio in the country.

Dr. Anton Birowo, an expert from Atma Jaya University in Jogjakarta, presented the different models of community radio currently operating in Indonesia, and discussed some of the success stories that could be replicated in Myanmar. Participants were also given the chance to learn from Khayay FM, the country’s first pilot community radio station.

While the Broadcasting Law was approved in 2015, the by-laws that will further regulate the sector have not yet been enacted. Despite the absence of specific community media legislation, the Ministry of Information has allowed the piloting of one local radio, Khayay FM. Another three pilot projects are in the process of receiving the necessary licenses to begin broadcasting later this year.

UNESCO’s work focuses on facilitating knowledge sharing and collaboration by establishing a community media network in the country. The Organization is additionally working directly with national duty-bearers to pass fair and equitable legislation to make community broadcasting a viable sector.

This workshop is part of UNESCO’s Multi-Donor Programme for Freedom of Expression and Media Pluralism, which is helping to create a more sustainable environment for community media.

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Programme contact: Ms. Mirta Lourenço (m.lourenco(at)

National contact: Mr. Mikel Aguirre Idiaquez (m.aguirre-idiaquez(at)