International Literacy Day 2018 in Sudan

On 9th September 2018, the UNESCO Khartoum Office, in collaboration with

the Sudanese Ministry of Education, (MoE);

the Sudanese National Council for Literacy and Adult Education,  (NCLAE);

the Sudanese National Commission for Education, Science and Culture (NatCom);

the UNESCO Institute for Life Long Learning in Hamburg, Germany,  (UIL);

UNESCO Chair for Woman, in Sudan University for Science and Technology (UCW);

Save The Children International

celebrated the International Literacy Day on the MoE’s premises in Khartoum. About 220 participants enjoyed the event, which was honored by Ms. Asya Mohammed Abdalla, the Minister of Education, Dr. Abdelhafeez Elsadig, the State Minister in MoE, Prof. Tajelsir Elshaikh, the Undersecretary in MoE, and other distinguished officials. In their speeches Dr. Abdulgadir Noureddin, Secretary General of the NatCom, Dr. Aiman Badri, the Education Officer in UNESCO, Ms. Samah Shalaby, the literacy expert in UIL, Hamburg, Dr. Mohammed Hammad, the Secretary General of ‎ NCLAE underlined an importance of fighting with illiteracy, and highlighted the country achievements in this area. Ms. Asya Abdalla, the Minister of Education, agreed that Sudan has advanced since getting independence, however, there is still need in making more. She paid tribute to regional and international education partners for supporting the Ministry and enlarging the access of Sudanese to Education. She also mentioned a problems of children escaping schools, and recall for its resolution.

© UNESCO: International Literacy Day 2018 in Khartoum, Sudan. 09/09/2018

In addition to the speeches, the participants enjoyed an exhibition, displaying posters and handcrafts reflecting work accomplished by different NGOs, and UNESCO family. The UNESCO Chair for Woman in Science and Technology displayed different handicrafts made by women involved in literacy activities in accordance with the REFLEX methodology, organized by it.


A number of distinguished educators and education organizations were honored in recognition of their achievements, including UNESCO, the NCLAE and others.