Hungary’s education responses to the influx of Ukrainian students


The Government says the state institutions are prepared to welcome refugees with children being offered places in creche, kindergarten, or school.

Preschool, Basic Education and Vocational Training

Participation in pre-school education in Hungary is compulsory from the age of 3. Students have the right to choose kindergartens and schools freely and the district institutions must admit these students.

Ukrainian children are receiving catch up support, including language, if necessary. To this end, in addition to the usual curriculum, individual afternoon classes are being provided to the affected students five times a week, in public education and vocational education institutions hosting refugees from Ukraine. For secondary education, the Government has decided to open the possibility for those concerned to apply for a baccalaureate in Hungary and to amend their previous application by 20 April, and to ensure that a baccalaureate exam is taken in Hungary free of charge.

The Government is also facilitating access to the Ukrainian online education platform and is providing internet access to Ukrainian students.


Higher Education

On 28 March, within the framework of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme, the Government of Hungary established the “Students at Risk” sub-programme which provides 1,000 students, both Ukrainian and third-country nationals, who had to flee Ukraine because of the war, with the opportunity to continue their studies, started in Ukraine, at Hungarian higher education institutions. Assistance is also being offered to help student refugees who wish to continue their studies on self-financed basis choose the appropriate institution and specialization. 

The Government provides additional financial support to public education and VET institutions hosting refugees from Ukraine.

The EU issued operational guidelines for the implementation of Council implementing Decision 2022/382, establishing the existence of a mass influx of displaced persons from Ukraine within the meaning of Article 5 of Directive 2001/55/EC, and having the effect of introducing temporary protection (2022/C 126 I/01). As such, EU Member States shall grant access to their education system to persons under 18 years old enjoying the temporary protection status under the same conditions as their own nationals and EU citizens.


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