“Good Times Travelling Together”

Young cultural entrepreneur at historical sites learn about history and story-telling for tourism and creative products amid COVID-19 challenges

The hard-hit tourism industry during COVID-19 prevents people from travelling to sites and destinations alike. Despite these challenges, there is always different ways and angles of looking at tourism – it is now chance to learn more of the historical narrative of a site and to create a compelling story and interpretation of the site applicable to both tourism and creative products.

The “Good Times Travelling Together” session on 24 June 2020 was delivered by Ms Nadia Purwestri, Executive Director of Pusat Dokumentasi Arsitektur and Ms Agni Malagina, a regular contributor of National Geographic Indonesia magazine. This is the last round of the mentoring sessions using WhatsApp and Youtube to support young cultural entrepreneurs under the project ‘Creative Youth at Indonesian Heritage Sites’ by Citi Indonesia and UNESCO Jakarta, supported by Citi Foundation.

This session targeted youth living and around Kotatua Jakarta, as one of the sites within the overall project. The mentoring started with a historical overview of Kotatua Jakarta by Ms Purwestri, followed with a talk on storynomics, a marketing method to communicate tourism through story-telling by Ms Malagina. Storynomics is a current trend in tourism used to strengthen the ties between consumers with the products and the producers.
For more information about this project and its activities, please visit the project social media platforms “Kita Muda Kreatif” (@kitamudakreatif).