Establishment of Community Based Early Childhood Care and Education (CB ECCE) pilot-Models in Mkoani district


Within the framework of the implementation of the UN Joint project on ‘Empowering adolescent girls and young women through education in Tanzania’, UNESCO Dar es Salaam intends to establish a pilot model for community-based Early Childhood Care Centre

This is in line with the recently launched Responsible Parenting and Family Care Agenda in Tanzania (RPFC) that encourages reaching out to communities by strengthening delivery of ECCE services and responds to the evidence that community-based ECCE/ECD reaches the marginalized groups of children (who constitute more than 46% of the population in Tanzania) in particular to increase access to quality early childhood development. .

Having completed a series of activities including rapid assessment of parents’ Knowledge Attitude and Practices (KAP) on ECD, training of Government Officials, training of trainers, and training to parents and planning for the establishment of ECCE Model, UNESCO is planning  to support establishment of a community based pilot model early childhood care and education (CB ECCE) center in  Mkoani DC.

In this regard, quotations are requested from qualified companies registered in Tanzania to construct the model as per the objective and tasks below:

Main Objective

To construct a community based early childhood care and education (CB ECCE) pilot-Models in Mkoani district.


  1. To build children’s learning room (map attached)
  2. To build kitchen and store (map attached)
  3. To build one male and one female toilet including a sewage system
  4. To supply the following play equipment
    1. Swing set with 3 swings for children aged 3 – 4 years
    2. One Ladder and slide children aged 3 – 4 years
    3. See saw for children aged 3 – 4 years
  5. To prepare a playground including clearing surround are 35 by 55 metre as follows;
    1. 25m by 15m – open space
    2.  25m by 15m for placement of play equipment specified in task 4 above

Note: there shall be no cutting of trees except for the construction and open spaces.

  1. Fencing – barbed wire fence – circumference 180metre
  2. Install plumbing in the kitchen, toilet and a tap in the open space close to the kitchen (water source available at the school where the site will be constructed).
  3. Ensure supply electricity in the children’s room 

Note: For ownership, the Mkoani Community will participate in the establishment. Propose areas where the community can likely to contribute.


  1. Children’s learning room  
  2. A kitchen and store
  3. One male and one female toilet including a sewage system
  4. Play equipment
    1. Swing set with 3 swings
    2. One Ladder and slide
    3. See saw
  5. A cleaned playground
  6.  Fence
  7. Water facilities
  8. Electric supplied in the children’s room 


The initiative will be implemented for 5 months from the date of contract signing.


  1. The applicant must a company established and operated as per the regulations and laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.
  2. Knowledge of the local contexts/environment 
  3. Experience in carrying out similar assignments


Submit your proposal/quotation to not later than 27 April 2021. In addition to the quotation submit a sample of similar previous initiative and three referees.

Site map and buildings drawings

See the sketches below:

CB ECD Centre Site Map