Enforcing Institutional Capacities of Yemeni Cultural Organizations

In partnership with UNESCO, SMEPS has completed an intensive training program for 10 civil society organizations (CSOs) in Yemen. The program aims to increase the organization's capacities in business management, finance, monitoring, evaluation, marketing, and communication.

The organizations were selected as part of UNESCO-EU funded project, Cash for Work: Promoting Livelihood Opportunities for Urban Youth in Yemen, which aims to employ young Yemenis in urban rehabilitation and cultural and creative industries in Yemen. So far, the project has employed 2,993 Yemenis in restoration works and has provided 18 grants to 14 CSOs in Sana’a, Aden, Shibam, and Zabid to empower young Yemeni artists and creatives.

UNESCO and the EU recognize the importance of youth participation and access to culture as a confidence-building measure for peace. Through its small grants program to cultural CSOS, the Cash for Work project invests in the development of cultural and creative industries (CCI) in Yemen as a niche of income generation among youth and a lever of social dialogue.

Supporting building the capacity for the Civil Society Organizations ensures their sustainability even after the project is completed. We are excited to see these CSOs outcomes on the ground supporting hundreds of youth through cash for work approach in creative industries focusing on cultural heritage
Farah Alwazeer, Communication and Advocacy Specialist at SMEPS
As for training, since we are small cultural institutions that lack sufficient experience in the administrative field, the training was intensive and useful. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to obtain information from SMEPS experience of more than 15 years.
Mazen Sharif - Aden Again founder

Khaleej Aden Theatre, Basement Foundation, Yemen Polling Centre, Youth of the World Together Organization, Yemen Chanting Association, Yemeni House of Music, Ebhar Association, Aden Again, Jeddarya Foundation for Development and Media, and Association For The Development of Traditional Crafts In The City of Shibam Hadramout have attended the 10-days training program.

Following the training, the CSOs will implement projects in various fields, such as traditional crafts, music, chanting, art, theatre, filmmaking, animation, comics, journalism, and architecture.