Education policy review validation workshop in Sudan

Representatives from UNESCO Khartoum Office, UNESCO Beirut Office and UNESCO Headquarters joined the Minister of Education and other high-level officials, where some 70 participants, including development partners, and civil society organizations actively took part in the one-day validation process of the final draft of the education policy document, in Khartoum, Sudan on the 23rd of  August 2017.

The review follows months of desk research, field visits, interviews with stakeholders and a self-assessment phase where the National team was encouraged to analyse their education system. As part of this process, it was agreed that UNESCO and the Government of Sudan would review and assess three education policy domains drawing on their sector priorities and provide a set of policy recommendations to contribute to educational development in the country.

The three policy domains covered were teachers, literacy and out-of-school children, sector-wide policy, and planning.  The review team identified key policy issues and challenges facing the Sudanese education system and provided recommendations for the government to consider in its reforms. The domains align with the renewed emphasis placed on quality and equity by the Education 2030 agenda and, in particular, Sustainable Development Goal 4. 

The resulting policy review shall serve as an overall policy orientation to assist the government in reaching these objectives and in making strategic choices for the implementation of the forthcoming five-year plan (2018–2022) in order to make the best use of the limited resources available. 

The final draft is being revised and is expected to be ready for publication in October 2017 by the Education Sector at UNESCO Headquarters as part of the education policy review series.


Photos are showing from left to right: Mr Mohamed Hamad, Secretary-General of the National Council for Literacy and Adult Education; Aiman Badri, National Professional Officer, UNESCO/Khartoum; Mrs Huda Abdelatif, Education Section, National Commission of UNESCO; Pavel Kroupkine, Head of UNESCO, UNESCO/Khartoum office; Yayoi Segi-Vltchek, Senior Programme Specialist, UNESCO/ Beirut; Dr. Abdelgader Mohamed Hassan, Secretary-General of the National Commission of UNESCO ;Her Excellency Mrs Asia Mohamed Abdella, Federal Minister of General Education; Megumi Watanabe, Programme Specialist, UNESCO/Cairo; Dr. Mohamed Salim, Head of Planning Department, National Coordinator for SDG4, Federal Ministry of General Education