Czech Republic - Antiphonarium Sedlecense

Prague, Národní knihovna (National Library), XIII A 6 (Cim A 3). XIII med. + ante 1671, Bohemia?, parchment + paper, I + 532 (recte 524) pp., 44 x 32 cm, illuminated, notated, binding 1671
Antiphonarium Sedlecense

The original parchment codex of 32 sections was made in the 13th century. It was subjected to a thorough revision in the 17th century, when some damaged parchment pages were substituted by new, paper ones with identical text, or new texts were added, and the whole was bound in 1671. The paper has no water-mark. In the present state, the codex bears a shelf-mark from the 17th century on the front inside cover: "T.1 in Folio Maiori" and a pasted label from the 19th century with the shelf-mark of the University Library in Prague XIII A 6 which is also written in the lower left corner of the front end-paper; this was appended with pencil in the 20th century by an auxiliary shelf-mark Cim A 3. In the left part of the upper margin, the latest but wrong shelf-mark Cim 8 is written with pencil.

Czech Republic - Antiphonarium Sedlecense - XIII.A.6, Pagination/Foliation: 001r/1, orig.1