Community Radios can give a push to climate action communication

UNESCO and Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) organized the ninth edition of Community Radio Video Challenge (CRVC) under the theme “Climate Change: Climate action for sustainable development”.

A joint initiative by UNESCO and CEMCA, CRVC aims to engage with Indian youth to promote the understanding and importance of community radio as an alternative media for community’s self-expression, learning and development. The programme invites students from educational institutes across the country to submit a short film showing community radio in action under the selected theme.

Community radios can steer behavioural change through sustained dialogues. The medium has proved its relevance in situations of disaster and fighting the aftermath of the global health pandemic, especially in remote areas. It can also be a very effective tool to achieve climate positive action by sharing good practices, reaching the local communities on the issues of importance.

Community radios need to play a critical role in getting the message across on climate action given their close proximity to communities and the use of local languages.
Mr Hezekiel Dlamini, Advisor for Communication and Information for South Asia

A total of 29 entries were received this year. The short films addressed the various challenges posed by climate change such as- risks and impact, adaptation measures to battle climate change. The length of the film received for the competition ranged between 3 to 5 minutes in duration, and were in four different Indian languages.
The films were judged by a five -member jury panel that included climate experts, media educators and experts in broadcasting.

By choosing this theme for CRVC, we wish to bring out true stories of successes of how community radios can play a role in bringing changes in the lives of people in terms of climate action. The films that we receive give us a peek into the young minds and how they see community media.
Ms Madhu Parhar, Director, CEMCA

UNESCO and CEMCA has been conducting this competition for learners from any discipline (below the age of 25 years) for past eight years.  

The complete list of short films and winners can be seen here.