Central Asia: World Radio Day 2020

Community and commercial media, as well as journalism universities and media NGOs, joined World Radio Day celebrations. The theme of the year 2020: Radio and Diversity.
Radio stations broadcast multilingual programs on the celebration with invited experts. Along with that, students of journalism universities conducted and broadcast interviews on student radio, discussed the contribution of students from other faculties in the development of their countries, and share multimedia content on social networks. NGO Media Alliance of Kazakhstan and BusinessFM invited radiostations to celebrate day with 13 ideas from UNESCO.
VII Winter school of Journalism and Communication gathered 70 participants from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan, organized by AlFarabi Kazakh National University. Participants welcomed each other with Happy Radio Day slogan in their local languages, see Al-Farabi video report below.
Community Radios SuusamyrFM and Bakai-AtaFM organized live programs on the theme.
Journalism teachers from Uzbekistan distributed ideas of the Day.
The celebration marked by National and Regional media outlets from Russia:
RIA News
Rassvet Studio
Stavropolye vesti
iRISTON TV, North Caucasus
Millet Channel, Simferopol