Celebration of the “150th anniversary of the birth of Janis Rozentāls”

For the commemoration of the “150th anniversary of the birth of Janis Rozentāls” numerous events were organized at a national and international level, with the participation of a wide range of institutions.

The Latvian National Museum of Arts as well as memorial and regional museums preserving the heritage of Janis Rozentāls, different state institutions and municipalities, especially Saldus municipality (J.Rozentāls was born near Saldus city) carried out numerous activities to commemorate this anniversary. Different NGOs and education facilities dealing with arts education were closely involved in the celebration events. With the help of nation-wide arts education contest, Latvian National Commission for UNESCO managed to involve arts and general education schools all over Latvia to discover the variety of J.Rozentāls creation. One of these exhibitions was the exhibition of reproductions of works and archival documents by Janis Rozentāls organized at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on the 30 November 2016. Also, the exhibition at The Latvian National Museum of Art was held from 12 August 2016 until 30 October 2016, prepared in collaboration with Finnish museums, private collectors and members of Rozentāls family, which are the holders of his works of art, as well as his photo materials. During the exhibition, educational programs, workshops, lectures and events aimed at different audiences took place. Furthermore, a cycle of lectures was held throughout last year’s months regarding the life and work of the painter. Also different concerts were played out in Riga and other cities with projections of Rozentāls' works and their interpretation in music. All events show the great commitment in celebrating the anniversary.

Overall, the participants in the different events varied from couple of tens to tens of thousands. For more information the following website can be visited: