Celebrating UN and UNESCO@75 with Youth-led organizations in Eastern Africa

Sugur Development Agency (SDA), a youth-led organization from Uganda was selected from a call for expression of interest targeting youth organizations from the 13 countries covered by the UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, in celebration of UNESCO@75 and the longstanding commitment within the Social and Human Sciences Sector for meaningfully engaging with youth. This announcement coincides with the Africa Youth Day (1st November) a Day set aside by the Africa Union to promote the increased recognition of youth as key agents for social change, economic growth and sustainable development in all areas of African society.
This contest was launched in 2020, with a view to emulate the participation of youth-led organizations in the commemorate of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (2020), as well as that of UNESCO (2021), echoing in this regard the mandate of UNESCO to build peace in the minds of men and women, as upheld by the founding fathers of the Organization.
Submissions were therefore invited for innovative ideas and proposals in the way youth-led organizations can support UNESCO’s mandate, notably in the field of Social and Human Sciences, with about 250 proposals received, mainly from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Madagascar, Somalia and Rwanda.
The proposal from Sugur Development Agency (SDA), entitled “The Step Up-Youth Voices for a Just and Sustainable Future “project””, was singled out for its originality and ambition to raise up the voices of youth groups at the frontlines in Uganda to support a transformational shift that ensures gender justice and equality, enabling everyone to live their lives in dignity, free from conflict and from the fear of violence, oppression, discrimination or injustice, in a way that protects the planetary systems required to sustain all life on earth.”
A USD 10,000. Grant will be provided by UNESCO to support the implementation of this proposal that will be executed through four main components: i) crowd-sourcing the initiatives, ii) hearing the stories, iii) sharing the learning & enriching insights and iv) delivering the messages.
This process reaffirms UNESCO’s commitment to its Operational Strategy on Youth 2014-2021 and further contributes to the implementation of UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, as well as the AU Vision 2063 and its Aspiration 7. Above us, UNESCO is resolved to putting the youth at the driving seat in the co-shaping and co-delivery of social innovation and positive transformations they want to see in the communities, for a sustainable development and lasting peace, inspired ad led by the youth themselves.
About Sugur Development Agency (SDA):
The SDA is and indigenous NGO in Uganda committed to work for the improvement of human rights through the provision of quality technical and advisory services in areas of human rights, gender mainstreaming, climate change, good governance and sustainable development, with a vision to promote human rights, justice and peace through research, education, policy advocacy as well as fighting corruption and social injustice. The SDA projects and activities potentially focus on civic empowerment through basic trainings and sensitization in order to empower the masses to take action in the demand for accountability.