Call for proposals for UNESCO's flagship ICT in education conference: Mobile Learning Week

Registration has opened for UNESCO’s flagship ICT conference, Mobile Learning Week along with a call for workshop and presentation proposals.

The workshop will be held at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters from 7 to 11 March 2016 and those interested can register and submit proposals at

The theme of Mobile Learning Week 2016 is “Innovating for quality” and the conference will shed light on how newly affordable mobile technologies can be leveraged to improve the quality of education in different contexts and for different groups. 

The conference will include:

Webinar – Monday, 7 March

The WEBINAR, a virtual event held in partnership with Education Fast Forward, will allow online participants to debate the extent to which mobile technology can facilitate learning and strengthen the quality of education alongside a distinguished panel.

Workshops – Tuesday, 8 March

Mobile learning specialists will provide participants with hands-on training and give interactive demonstrations of educational technology and ICT-enhanced pedagogy during a series of knowledge-building WORKSHOPS.

Symposium – Wednesday and Thursday, 9 and 10 March

At the SYMPOSIUM world experts will share mobile learning innovations and examine strategies to leverage ICT to improve the quality of education through breakout sessions, plenary addresses and panel discussions.

Policy Forum – Friday, 11 March

At the POLICY FORUM, held in partnership with ITU, participants will join high-level government representatives to understand how policies and cross-sectoral collaboration between ministries of education and ministries of technology can foster innovation to improve the quality, equity and accessibility of education. 

Mobile Learning Week 2016 aims to advance international understanding about the ways in which ICTs can prompt innovation within the education sector to ensure high-quality learning opportunities for all, in line with the new Sustainable Development Agenda and 2030 targets for education.