Afghanistan joins a global consultation process on the Futures of Education

The focused group discussions included topics such as Vision for 2050, Broad Purposes of Education, and Human and Planetary Sustainability. The participants shared their hopes and concerns particularly in the fields of education and sustainability for Afghanistan. “Education can be considered as the main factor to empower and influence individuals to adopt environmentally friendly behavior and utilize the natural resources in such a way that does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs”, said a university lecturer. Participants of the discussions agreed that in order to sustain the environment and motivate educational actors—students and teachers— to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors, topics related to the environment need to be integrated into the schools’ curriculum and taught at university level through the establishment of a faculty of environmental sustainability. Through this particular faculty, schools could be offered specialized teachers on environmental subjects for students at different levels.

During the consultations, most of the participants showed concern about the ecological footprint of developed countries and its significant impact on the world of nature, including human beings. Participants addressed the contradictions of countries adapting environmental policies while simultaneously continuing harmful activities causing damage to the environment.

Participants concluded that education is the most important driver to raise the accountability and responsibility of individuals, societies and nations towards reducing the negative impact of their behaviors on the environment.

Upon the completion of the focus group discussions, a report with findings will be synthesized for the International Commission on the Futures of Education that will prepare and release a global report in November 2021.

Please join us in the global consultation by clicking on the following link and completing the survey by April 30, 2021: