Advance litigation on journalists’ defence before the Inter-American System of Human Rights

Interview with Jonathan Bock Ruiz, Executive Director, Fundacìon para la Libertad de Prensa (FLIP), Colombia

What is the mission of the Organization you are working for?

FLIP is a non-governmental organization that promotes a healthy environment to press freedom in Colombia and oversees the right of citizens to be informed. Since its creation in 1996, FLIP is the leading organization on press freedom issues in Colombia.

This is seen on FLIP’s incidence at national level by the achievement of creating relevant public policies as the protection mechanism administered by the government and the access to public information law.

What will you do with the grant awarded by the Global Media Defence Fund?

The main purpose of this project is to enhance the legal defense of cases before the Inter-American System of Human Rights that remains in impunity and advocate in order to set precedents to improve conditions for journalists in Colombia. At the same time, provide training to journalists and lawyers to strengthen their legal defense.

What will be the impact of this action?

  • At least 50 individual cases of threats and/or attacks against journalists for the purposes of bringing them to justice and providing those affected with legal assistance.
  • At least 60 lawyers trained in international legal standards related to freedom of expression and safety of journalists.
  • At least 60 journalists trained with practical information to help them foresee, avoid, or respond to potential legal threats or judicial harassment related to the exercise of their profession.
  • Advances in litigation of cases before the Inter-American System of Human Rights.